Thursday, June 11, 2009

Album Title and European Dates Announced!

The title of Alice in Chains upcoming album is BLACK GIVES WAY TO BLUE and will be released in stores and online SEPTEMBER 29TH.

In touring news, the band has added a handful of very select and intimate headline shows throughout Europe following Sonisphere. This marks the band’s first appearance overseas since the Summer of ’06.

August 6 - Cologne, GR - Essigfabrik
August 8 - Berlin, GR - Columbia Club
August 10 - Hamburg, GR - Grunspan
August 12 - Amsterdam, NE - Melkweg

Tickets for all shows are available now. Tickets for Essigfabrik, Columbia Club, and Grunspan can be purchased online at, or via the nationwide ticket hotline: +49 (0)1805 – 570 000 (0,14 EUR/min). Tickets for the Melkweg show can be purchased at


lille. said...

What about Norway, Oslo????
xxx, Linn

Don G. said...

Eeeh - for some reason there aren't any tickets on sale for the Hamburg show!?

Also - will you be adding more shows later? Perhaps in Denmark?

alison said...

Love the title of the album can't wait until 29th September to get it i wish it was September now

Pantelis said...

Hmmm, the Dutch show is listed as "August 12" both at the Ticketmaster and the Melkweg website. Which is the right date, please?

I'm praying for 12th.

Marco said...

I just bought tickets for the Melkweg show in Amsterdam, and ticketmaster says:
Melkweg The Max
Wo, 12/08/09 20.30 uur

Pantelis said...

Me too. So, I believe that the show is on Aug.12. I'm very lucky, because I have already booked tickets to fly from Athens to Brussels on Aug.12, I'm going to the Pearl Jam concert in Rotterdam on Aug.13. Seeing Alice In Chains one day before Pearl Jam is a great great treat for me.

Pasi said...

Finland FINLAND come to FINLAND!!

Sinclair said...

September 29th. That's the same date "Dirt" came out. That's a good omen.

Eloskar said...

And spain?

Patrick said...

please come to austria!!!