Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baldy Checks in from Brisbane

We arrived in Brisbane two days before the first show, which gave us all a little time to shake off the jet lag and get acclimated to the insanely humid conditions here.
 Jerry, William, Sean and I went to a Koala sanctuary the day after we got in, and being able to check out and feed koalas and kangaroos was a cool experience to start things off with. Mike opted to stay back at the hotel and check out a few Coronas instead of a koala, but in his own way he interacted with wildlife too, as our hotel was absolutely overrun by nearly 100 band & crew guys also playing the festival. It can be amusing sometimes to watch other guests react to a bunch of dirtbag musicians sullying up the hotel, but this was off the charts. Usually it’s just us doing the sullying, but here in Brisbane it was us times 10, and all the poor businessmen and families caught in the middle of the tattoos and greasy hair and black t-shirts looked like they’d rather ask the concierge for a canister of pepper spray than directions to the zoo.

With a day off and a small dose of Australia in us, we all moved on to day # 1 of the Soundwave Festival. Brisbane had been getting pounded with intermittent rain showers since we landed, but not long after we arrived at the festival site the skies cleared up and it turned out to be a nice afternoon. The two main stages are located side by side, so within a couple of minutes of one band finishing, the next band was up and running right next door. There were also 4 more stages scattered throughout the site, so there was always a band playing for the fans to check out. There’s something about a festival that brings out a handful of colorful characters too, and today was no exception, as I saw a guy and a girl decked out in full Viking regalia. I’m not really sure what that was all about, but I enjoyed it.

Okay, lets crunch some numbers. Alice In Chains hasn’t played in Australia in over 15 years, they’ve played one live show in the last 13 months, and they’re breaking in a slew of new crew guys as well. A recipe for disaster?… Hardly. The crowd was going nuts before the guys even took the stage, and once they came out it was business as usual. The fans were screaming and singing along, the band sounded great, and an hour later gig # 1 was in the books. And a big question was answered as well. Would the guys be debuting any new material? Unfortunately, no. It didn’t seem like anyone minded too much though.

So with one show under their belts, we were off to Sydney…


Gino said...

can't wait till tomorrow in Melbourne. Should be fantastic!! No new material is a bummer, but I guess that's better suited to dedicated concerts and not festivals.

Karen said...

Thanks for the update and photos, Baldy!

Alice said...

Thanks baldy for the update & photos love the one with Jerry & the koala so cute

Tara P. said...

Great to hear that all is well down under.

Thanks for the update, Baldy. Love to the guys!

Cameron said...

Oh wow, I was choking back the tears watching you guys at Melbourne Soundwave. I honestly thought I would never see Alice in Chains live. Not only did I get to see you guys, but you're BACK, and it's like you never left!

Thank you so much, the experience was no less than religious for myself and three mates.

Luke said...

Looks warm there guys!
Can't wait for the c.d. and to see u guys live this summer sometime!!

Luc√£o Coronas said...


speaking of numbers...

when ALice in Chains will play in Brazil?
You have a lot of fans here guys!!!

I'm glad to see that the sound of 90's is still alive!!!

And I'm waiting for the new album!!! I'm sure that's will be a great work!!!

God Be We You All!!!

Thaisel said...

When are you coming to Brazil???? I hope you really come, because there are a lot of fans waiting... just like me!!!

Thaisel said...

Oh, by the way: Nice photos!!!

fairylady said...

Oh how magical that must have felt. Lovely photo!