Saturday, January 10, 2009

Week 8 Update

This week, Mike tracks bass.


Alice said...

Awesome video can't wait for the album love the dog its so cute

Karen said...

Shot of Crown Royal...there you go! Cheers, Mike!

C. Maurício said...

This serie of videos is very good.
This sounds like an very dangerous explosive that will explode at any time!
Please explode!!!
I have only a thing about you: You rocks!

PS: Excuse me the english, I'm brazilian and not write in english very well.

我不只爱罗 said...

well, I'm a great fan of AIC from China,this year(2009) I get a chance to visite USA, I do want to know that where Layne was buried,so I can give him a flower.
If anyone knows it,please tell me.
Thanks a lot!
Sorry for my poor english.

my email is