Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baldy Checks In

Here we are in December, the holiday season is in full swing, and William & Jerry are just a few days away from recording vocals. Guitars and bass are heading down the home stretch, and although the drums are done, Sean is coming in almost every day to provide input and give full body massages to anyone he can get his hands on.

There's not a lot to report because it's pretty much like the movie Groundhog Day in here, just with a different soundtrack each day. Recording an album can be a long and laborious process. Play the song. Tune the guitar or bass. Play the song again. Tune again. Play a different part of the song with a different guitar. Tune again. Try something different on the bridge. Tune. Play a 12 string on the chorus. Tune. And so on and so on and so on…

Are you bored yet? Try doing it 'til two or three A.M. six days a week for three months and you'll be amazed that the upcoming album isn't just the sound of four guys smashing their heads against the wall in beautiful Dolby surround sound.

Although I'm still under a gag order concerning the material, I think I can get away with saying that this album will run the stylistic gamut as far as the songs are concerned.

A couple of uptempo crushers? Check.
A few droning mid-tempo head trips? Check.
A couple of radio friendly super catchy tunes? Check.
A pair of straight up white-knuckle mind-f*%# sonic roller coaster rides? Check.

Lyrically speaking, it's going to be more of what you've come to expect from Alice In Chains: rainbows, kitty cats, bubble gum, and skateboards. Words & songs that make you want to go to the mall and buy hair care products.

The further we get into this process, the more excited I get for it to see the light of day. The economy is a mess, record stores are closing down all over the country, and the music industry is a disaster, but I know a good song when I hear it, and this album is gonna be full of them.

Hopefully that, along with the support of all of you guys, will be enough to put this band back on top where it so rightfully belongs.

Happy Holidays.



Karen said...

Thank you, Baldy!

Rainbows and bubble gum...YAY!!! LOL.

three thirty three studios said...

Finally! An album worth buying! I don't even care if there ends up being a few Alice Polka songs on it.

Jerry, Sean, Mike AND WILLIAM. You got my 20 bucks for your new disc.
And Keep em coming!

ALSO, AIC NEEDS to do some more shows in Canada? How's London ON sound? common man!

UnSkiLd 4 Life said...

THank you for the updates! I love hearing how the process is going.

You can 110% count on me to buy the new record, whether online or at a Record Store - if they're still around.

Come to INDIANA!!! Please, Oh Please, Oh Please!!!

hypernation said...

Alice melted my face off during the 2006 Astoria gig.

This album's gonna blow a hole right through my rubber underwear.

I've said too much.

effjay said...

Let's go, boys. This album is gonna rock. They were talking about it today on 92.3 K Rock in NYC around where I live. They say Alice with William rocked live and hope it will convert to the new album. I'm with that!

zillinois said...

yo, alice and baldy!

Sean said...

I caught up with Jerry and Willima at the Soundwave festival, we did a video interview. They are really great guys, I was totally stoked!
Check it here: