Wednesday, December 17, 2008

AiC Championship Finals

...and then there were 2

The AiC Fantasy League finals will be slugged out between Tony and his "Shameless Hopefuls" vs Jerry "The Aroma of Tacoma" Cantrell.

Tony's feeling no shame as he stuck it to the league's #1 seed Robert...his Shameless Hopefuls sautéed Robert's Mellow Mushrooms with a 2 week total of 197-183, and put an end to Robert's run for the guitar. The Shrooms had a hell of a season, but the Hopefuls peaked at just the right time to take him out. Box Score

There was plenty of football drama in Dallas all week, and it carried over into the AiC league. Gautam had a 7 pt lead over Jerry after week one, and things were looking pretty good for him week 2 going into Sunday night's Dallas vs NY game...after Jerry's entire roster played, Gautam was only down 10 pts, and still had Jason Witten, and Terrell Owens of the Cowboys left to play...surely they would easily amass 11 points between them and send Gautam to the finals! ....Uhhhh...3 pts for Owens, 4 pts for Witten? JC dodges a bullet, and heads to the finals 174-171...Gautam was last seen heading for Dallas mumbling something about "I'll give those crybaby pricks something to whine about!"...Tough break G. Box Score

Should be an exciting final...Fan vs Band...stay tuned

Consolation box scores HERE

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