Wednesday, December 24, 2008

AiC Championship Finals 2008

As if the heavy snow wasn't enough, the Aroma in Tacoma got so thick this week, that Santa may have to avoid most of the Pacific Northwest this year. Jerry's "Aroma of Tacoma" piled up a 33 point lead on Tony's "Shameless Hopefuls" in the first week of the 2008 AiC Fantasy Football Championship (105-72). The "Hopefuls" need a Christmas miracle to pull off a week 2 comeback and catch JC now. Tony...join hands with your loved ones, and do your best Whoville "Dahoo Doray", Grinch Cantrell is just about to steal Christmas and the 2008 AiC Championship !

AiC Championship Week 1 Box Score HERE

Commish's Christmas shout out...Ho Ho Ho Lakeport family!

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coconut67 said...

hey you are my favourite band, i really love what you, can you come in strasbourg ?(frence) :) <3