Thursday, December 4, 2008

2008 AiC Fantasy Football Playoffs

The 2008 AiC Fantasy Football regular season has come to an end, and only 4 big dogs are left to move on into the playoffs:

1) Robert's "Mellow Mushrooms"

2) Jerry's "Aroma of Tacoma"
3) Gautam's "Whales n Wasps"
4) Tony's "Shameless Hopefuls"

Jerry "The Aroma" Cantrell is gonna try to do something he's not accustomed to...disappoint a few fans! Sure Robert, Gautam and Tony may own every Alice album, and waited faithfully in line for concerts, but this is FANTASY FOOTBALL, and having seen first hand how JC competes, I can attest that until week 17 is over, they are mere slabs of meat standing in the way of victory! By the same token, Robert, Gautam and Tony may have thrown their fists adoringly into the air for the "Master of Wild Grungy Riffaroma", but for the next 4 weeks, they'll show Jerry the level of respect an 80's tribute band guitarist playing the Tacoma High prom gets! Normally, a shared love of AiC music bonds the fans on this site together, but there are 3 right now who'll be going deep into their "Your momma is so..." catalog for a few weeks. Thankfully there's a new record on the way with healing powers that will surely be needed when the fur stops flying!

Buckle up's playoff time!
The Commish

Check out the final week/playoff breakdown HERE

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