Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where We're At…

Sean finished drums two weeks ago and we all celebrated by taking a few days off for Halloween. This also gave us time to have our molars refitted and let our internal organs settle back into place (drums are LOUD).

So now we're all buckled up and ready for a month or so of guitar & bass.

Jerry started off with what will more than likely be the first single off of the new album, and it's sick. The riff on this thing is just monsterously wrong, and yet so damn right. It's a classic Cantrell slice of aural evil that will crawl into your ears and lay little Alice eggs in your brain.

Much like the drums, the guitars and bass on this album are going to be dense and heavy and disgusting and beautiful. In other words, for those of you who have voiced concerns as to how the new stuff will sound, rest assured. This record will sound different for obvious reasons, but the musical spell this band put you under years ago is still as potent today as it was back in 1990, and I'm not just saying that because Jerry bought me breakfast this morning.

So what have we learned in the last month?

Well, we've learned that prolonged exposure at a close proximity to excessive drumming can result in hearing loss, jittery nerves, blurred vision, & slight bladder leakage. We've also learned that an incomplete song that only has guitars, bass, and drums laid down without being mixed or mastered can still be crushingly satisfying.

There you have it. Progress continues to be made, and piece by piece this album is coming together.

I hope all of you in the States got out & voted. God bless America, and God bless the sonic depravity that Alice In Chains is producing in the studio right now…



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!

K.I.M. said...

Sounds wonderful Baldy! Having an AIC marathon here working around the house (Facelift, Dirt, SAP, JoF, Tripod) then it'll be Jerry's solo stuff. It's not healthy being so one-dimensional but I don't give a shit today! Hope everyone's doing well.

Karen said...

Thank you, Baldy!

dickliquor said...

thanks baldy....it's good to hear things are progressing nicely

i hope you make a quick and complete recovery....so mike and jerry can rip you a new one ;)