Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In-Studio Update

The first couple of weeks are now in the books, so here's a brief update.

Let's start off by answering a few lingering questions out there. For those of you who don't already know, the producer of the album is Nick Raskulinecz. Nick has produced the Foo Fighters, Trivium, & Rush just to name a few, and has also engineered a ton of records for other artists as well. There's a great engineer and studio team in place, so the band is in capable hands, everyone is in really good spirits, and the songs sound amazing.

However, recording an album can be a bit like painting your lawn and sitting back to watch the paint dry as the grass grows, so I'll spare you all the details of what's been going on.

In the control room of the studio there's a giant poster with a list of song titles with boxes next to them that get marked off as the work gets done. There are boxes for drums, bass, guitars, vocals, guitar solos, etc. This poster has 20 songs on it, and at this point we're about 2/3rds of the way done with drum tracking. Obviously not all 20 songs are going to be on the album, but they'll tackle that issue down the line.

I'm still not allowed to reveal much about the songs, but I can say this; there is some stuff here that in my opinion can and will stand alongside anything the band has done up to this point. There is some really strong material here, I just hope all those radio station program managers that fill the airwaves with some of the crap I've heard over the last few years will know what to do with a good rock song when it comes their way.

I also hope that the economy is in better shape when this album comes out next year so you don't have to sell your own bone marrow on ebay in order to afford it. Then again, after hearing these songs I'd say a little bone marrow for a new Alice In Chains record is actually a pretty good bargain.



Fuzhi said...

Thanks for the update

Sounds like the recording is going well. Hopefully some of the songs that wont make the album will be available as b-sides or somewhere else.

Trish said...

YAY! Good to hear from you Baldy and can't wait to hear the music!

.... said...

Oh Right! good lucky for all you, boys

dperis said...

Did Toby Wright change his phone number?

Scott & Jan Longman said...

Thanks for the info Baldy!! You are the best... the site looks cool so far as well.
Phoenix, AZ

Scott's Amp said...


Whimsicalsun said...

I'll pay for that album like I always did for Alice!

Good luck!

Hugs from Chile.

K.I.M. said...

Fantastic update... thanks! :0)

Leo is from east L.A. said...

Man,I'm sure you guys have heard it before but it really means alot to know that you guys are playing again,let alone putting out an album.I saw you guys in November of '07,here in L.A. at the Wiltern theater.It was an unbeleivable feeling to hear the music live.I mean, this was the music that as a 14 year old I would hear and kick-it in the porch on the weekends,by myself.What a fucken trip,man!! To realize and capture the meaning of it all,at the concert,is trully amazind.My LIFE hasn't changed much since and your music has always served as an index into the trials of my LIFE.Not to sound lame but the lyrical content is mainly the reason for my loyalty to the band.It sucks to know that Layne is friend JUAN a.k.a.Spermy left the same way and that shit hurts.Take it eazy and I can't wait for the new album.

Markus said...

Glad to see you guys are touring and recording a new album... Maybe its just me, but I feel if you release a new album you shouldn't use the Alice in Chains name.
Just change it up a little, something like Resurrection of Alice, or Chains of Alice. I just think using the original name is misleading to new fans and disrespectful to Layne. Sean Kinney said you guys wouldn't use the AIC name if you recorded a new album years back and now it seems like you are.

Shea said...

I agree with Markus comment.